Story Documents: To see a story

Exposition – offers information about a variety of issues towards the readers. Description : describes in depth characteristics and qualities. Controversy : convinces this target audience by simply displaying comprehend or perhaps falsity of an more »

Justin Bird on ET!

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Dating in Daton Ohio with Justin Bird

Datin’ in Dayton

Its 8pm on a Saturday  in Dayton and I’m ready to explore a couple restaurants/bars, surveying the dating scene and seeing what this town is all about. I’m starving so for dinner I stopped by The Barnsider, more »

Is She A Gold-Digger?

Is Your Girlfriend A Gold-Digger?

Ladies, there are some awfully bad habits going around (and even more diseases) that girls in OC, L.A., and Las Vegas seem to be catching. I’ve been around them my whole life growing up in more »